Treat your asthma misery with asthma attack home remedies

The effective asthma attack home remedies are meant to help relieve your problem and keep you safe from side-effects at the same time.

honey, asthma, attack, remedyAre you suffering from asthma? Do you fear that you would have to live on inhalers and medicines for the rest of your life? Many of us are still not aware of the fact that there are asthma attack home remedies that can easily help in preventing asthma attacks.

The word 'Asthma' has been originated from Greek language, which means 'panting or short drawn breath'. Asthma is a general respiratory disorder. It is a chronic disease of the airways, making the breathing process complex. Because of asthma, your air passages tend to swell up as well. As a result of which the airways that carry oxygen to your lungs temporarily narrow in, which then leads to severe cough, difficulty in breathing, wheezing and chest tightness.
Being effective and affordable, home remedies for asthma are useful for asthma patients wanting to free themselves from lifelong prescribed medications.
Symptoms of an Asthma attack
Following are some of the symptoms of an asthma attack that vary from patient to patient:

  • The patients face severe wheezing and become breathless.

  • Coughing is the most common sign of an asthma attack. This cough does not stop anytime sooner and goes on throughout the attack.

  • Very speedy breathing is also possible in some patients.

  • Some patients also face pain as well as pressure on the chest.

  • Retractions are also possible, which means the tightening of neck and chest muscles.

  • Due to cough and difficult breathing, the patient might have difficulty in talking.

  • Some asthma patients also suffer from anxiety in the asthma attack.

  • The patient can become pale and his or her lips become blue.
    Causes of Asthma
    Some of the major causes of asthma are:

  • Environmental factors:
    A dirty and polluted environment can cause harmful effects to our health. Asthma is caused due to these pollutants in the environment. These pollutants include toxic fumes, smoke, and dust can cause this disease among people.

  • Diet:
    People who mostly take processed foods in their meal are highly exposed to this disease. Excessive salt intake is also dangerous and may cause asthma.

  • No exercise or physical activity:
    To avoid blockage of airways, exercise is extremely necessary. People who do not take out time from their busy schedule to exercise and walk are prone to suffer from asthma. So, it is highly recommended to do proper exercise every single day to prevent yourself from this excruciating disease.  
    Home remedies for asthma

  • Honey is considered to be the best asthma attack home remedy. All you need to do is mix 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and drink this rather delicious mixture 3 times a day. This is a very effective home remedy for asthma patients.

  • Another easy and affordable home remedy for asthma is the use of garlic. Boil the garlic cloves in thirty grams of milk and drink this potion daily. This asthma attack home remedy is sure to help you recover from the attacks in minutes.

  • Take steam from boiled water mixed with caraway seeds to prevent an asthma attack.

  • Take a radish and blend it with honey and lemon juice. Cook this concoction on low heat for 10 minutes. Take one teaspoon of this mixture every single day, particularly in the morning.

  • Chewing dry grapes when soaked in water overnight and kept in cold milk for half an hour also helps in curing asthma and other breathing problems.