Headache home remedy - 5 ways to make the pain go, went, gone!

Simple yet affordable home remedy is a smart way to get rid of headaches and lead a stress free life.

rosemary,Are headaches a common everyday problem for you? Do you have trouble carrying out daily regular tasks just because of a terrible headache? Well, Headache is a frequent complaint that generally bothers everyone at some time or the other. You can suffer from a headache because of certain reasons; for example, not being able to sleep properly, going through severe trauma etc.

It has been studied that mostly having 'painkillers' is the only quick resort people turn to, especially if it's a killing migraine. However, they are effective only 40%. It seems almost impossible to make the pain go in a zap - at least that's what the label reads. Or perhaps, at times overuse of a particular painkiller or medicine messes up with your natural relief system and becomes ineffective. That's dangerous!

However, nothing works better than a headache home remedy! Headaches tend to start with irritation in the nerves at first, which then reaches the neck, shoulder and scalp muscles, causing them to stiffen up and hurt.

Causes of Headache

There are several reasons for catching a headache -- allergies, high blood pressure, stress, infections, hangovers, low blood sugar, tension, strong scents, and nutritional deficiency are just some of them. Also, certain foods including milk products, alcohol, and chicken liver, chocolate and strong cheese, that people are generally allergic to are also a major cause of headaches.

Some most common headaches triggers are:

1. Stress and Tension
Remember, stress is your biggest enemy. Whenever you are stressed out, it triggers a painful tension headache which might stay for hours or even days.

2. Lack of sleep and improper posture
Lack of sleep or improper sitting and sleeping posture also trigger headaches. Sleep at least 6 to 8 hours each night. When at office, you don't have to work yourself up to build pressure in the head and neck muscles. Sitting in a slouching position or with hunched shoulders, or even sitting on a chair with no proper back support also leads to a headache build-up.

3. Hormonal changes
When your body is undergoing certain hormonal changes, you are likely to get a headache. For example, women during their menopause are prone to suffer from the worst headaches.

Home Remedies for Headaches

Home remedy for headaches is just what you need, without a doctor's prescription. Some of the most commonly used natural remedies for headache are as follows:

  • If you though lemons can only be used for lemonade, you are not entirely correct. Lemon is an excellent and affordable headache home remedy. Squeezing in three to four slices of lemon into a cup of black tea and drink it. This is a helpful remedy that is guaranteed to help you attain relief from the tormenting pain.

  • Another home remedy for headaches to apply a paste of cloves, cinnamon and almonds. Take 1 teaspoon of powdered clove, cinnamon and almond, mix it with a little water to form a paste. Apply this paste on the forehead for instant relief from your throbbing headache.

  • Massaging oil on to your scalp is also an effective home remedy for headaches. Oil massaging nourishes your brain, giving a soothing effect and relieves stress. For an effective relief from headaches, use sesame oil, mustard oil or almond oil to massage your head and forehead region.

  • Basil tea is an efficient cure for soothing severe headaches.

  • Rosemary is a multipurpose herb used in both cooking and therapeutic purposes. It is excellent treatment for treating headaches caused by cold and flu. Boil a few rosemary leaves in about one liter water. Partially cover your head and forehead with a towel and inhale the steam that rises from the simmering water for about 8-10 minutes. Repeat this procedure till you attain relief from your headache.

The best thing about using natural home remedies is that they have no side effects, plus saves you a trip to the doctor's.