5 Effective Heartburn Home Remedies For Instant Relief

To get rid of a heartburn problem without a doctor's help, try out a heartburn home remedy for immediate liberation from the suffering.

garlic,heartburn home remedies, heartburn home remedyHave you lately stopped enjoying your meals? Is it because of the consistent bothersome heartburn sensation you feel right after eating? Heartburn certainly causes a lot of discomfort and if not paid attention to, can worsen over time. Heartburn is a digestive system disorder faced by millions of people across the world. Also known as Indigestion or Acid stomach, this problem is triggered due to acid reflux. When the digestive juices (which include hydrochloric acid) present in the stomach for digestion, backs up into the esophagus and the food pipe, it damages the esophagus which lacks a protective lining, compared to the stomach.

Heartburn is particularly common amongst people who are chain smokers. Unfortunately, there are some who suffer from heartburn even without overeating or smoking. People make futile attempts by trying numerous medicines and therapies for instant relief, yet they have a 50% chance of showing immediate effectiveness. The best treatment for heartburn is to use natural remedies with herbs and vegetables.

Causes of Heartburn

There are numerous causes of heartburn, but nothing can be specified as a prime cause for heartburn. These causes vary from person to person according to their eating, drinking and sleeping habits. But of course, a heartburn home remedy is what you need in getting rid of this problem. To get a better understanding of what is the root cause for this distress, let's look at some of the most major contributing factors that cause heartburn:

One of the most widely accepted cause of heartburn is smoking. People who smoke before or after meals are more prone to suffer from heartburn.

Digestive problems triggered due to the intake of particular types of food can cause severe heartburn issues.

Not drinking enough water throughout the day is also believed to results in heartburn.

People who frequently eat hot and spicy food face heartburn problem.

Symptoms of Heartburn

Some of the most common symptoms of heartburn include burning sensation in the throat and chest and a sensation of bitter or sour taste in the mouth. Wheezing, as well as chronic cough and difficulty in swallowing are all considered as heartburn symptoms.

Home Remedies for Heartburn

  • Home remedies for Heartburn are considered as excellent solutions for this problem with no side-effects. Some of the most common heartburn home remedies are listed:

  • Chew a clove of garlic when heartburn occurs, and you will feel much better soon. Garlic is always available at home and it is the best heartburn home remedy.

  • Papayas are also believed to be an effective home remedy for heartburn. This tropical fruit helps in digesting food easily and eliminates any chances of the occurrence of heartburn.

  • Green tea is used as herbal tonic for weight loss and stomach problems all around the world. It also serves as a heartburn home remedy, helps in the food digestion and gives a soothing effect to your stomach.

  • Those who suffer from heartburn issues can also get rid of their problem by chewing basil leaves.

  • Drinking chilled milk is another perfect home remedy to get rid of heartburn.

  • Raw potato juice also helps in preventing heartburn. Simply, wash a potato, but make sure that you do not peel it. Place it in a juicer and add in another juice, kiwi or strawberry, to make it taste good and drink it immediately.

A natural heartburn home remedy is guaranteed help in treating with 'zero' side effects. Tell you another tip, to prevent acid reflux that causes heartburn, maintain proper posture after your meal and never lie down or go to sleep immediately after your meal.