Avoid Painkillers and Use Herbs for Pain Relief

Try some of the herbs shown here for effective and long-lasting pain relief.

feverfewIt is not necessary and certainly not advisable to take drugs or go for needless operations due to chronic pain. Herbs can also be substituted for medicines, and increasing numbers of people are turning to herbs as an alternative to harmful drugs. There are countless herbs for pain, the most common of which are shown below.

A herb found in gardens easily, which cures migraines and headaches. When taken regularly, feverfew stops the intensity and also the frequency of migraines. You can make tea using these, by submerging 2-8 fresh leaves in boiling water (do not boil them though, as that will render the feverfew useless). They are also available in tablet form – capsules of freeze dried leaf or powdered leaf.

Clove Oil
Applying two to three drops onto a cavity or toothache and the pain will go away, as easy as pie! This is a very popular herb for pain due to toothaches.

By taking 1-4 grams of powdered ginger daily, you can alleviate digestive cramps and mild pain from other stomach problems, such as fibromyalgia.

Arnica homeopathic
A herb for pain belonging to the sunflower family, arnica relives pain following carpal tunnel release surgery and pain in the knee. It is available in homeopathic tablets and cream (which is to be applied twice daily).

A plant found in the Amazon and in certain parts of Africa, iporuru cures common colds, severe pain from arthritis and muscle pains. It is said to be one of the best, most helpful herbs for pain.

Fennel Seeds
These can easily be made into a licorice-flavored tea and is perfect for women with menstrual cramps. It is not recommended to drink this during pregnancy or nursing due to its estrogenic effect though.

Green Tea
Possibly the most popular herb for pain relief, green tea soothes stiff muscles and is also good for digestion.

Rosemary, Oregano and Thyme
These are garden herbs that have numerous anti-inflammatory compounds and should be regularly sprinkled onto food. They can also be made into teas by pouring a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of these dried herbs, steeping for 5-10 minutes and then straining.

Licorice Root
Licorice root is recommended for sore throats. It can easily be made into tea by simmering 2-3 teaspoons of dried root in water for 15 minutes and then straining. Licorice root tea is also perfect for young children as it is a sweet tea. It is however, not advisable for those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, glaucoma or kidney diseases as it may cause severe side effects to the body.

Willow Bark Tincture
Drops of willow bark tincture is available in most stores, and is a great cure for muscle aches and pains, migraines and inflammation of arthritis. 20-30 drops of this herb for pain will cure these ailments.