Herbs safe for pregnancy

Herbs Safe for Pregnancy:
The herbal secret to a healthy pregnancy

by Kimberly Gallagher

herbs safe for pregnancyWhen I became pregnant with Rowan, my first child, I remember wanting to nourish myself with herbs through my pregnancy, but wondering which herbs would be safe to use during my pregnancy. 

It was such a relief to find Susun Weed’s book, Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, and find that there were many herbs safe for pregnancy. 

When I was pregnant with my second child, my midwife said, “You should write a book about how you nourish yourself in pregnancy, because you are so healthy and have such healthy, strong babies.” 

So, now I’m starting to write and share my secrets with all of you about herbs safe for pregnancy.

My first and most important secret is my standard brew.

This is an herbal infusion (a very strong herbal tea) that I drink daily throughout my pregnancy, and while I’m nursing. 

The herbs I use are nettle, oatstraw, and red raspberry leaf.  During my pregnancy with Hailey I also added a small bit of kelp to the mix. 

If you were to research each of these herbs you would find them all to be mild, nourshing herbs with lots of vitamins, minerals, and medicinal benefits. 

When I choose them for my standard brew during pregnancy I choose nettle for her very high iron content and for her ability to gift us with an extra boost of energy. 

Oatstraw is very high in calcium and is soothing for our nerves.

Red raspberry is amazing for our milk production and for toning our uterus in preparation for birth. 

Kelp is just packed with so many vitamins and minerals that I wanted her benefits in my daily brew as well.  She is also a fabulous source of calcium.  So, these were my reasons. 

I’m confident that if you read about these plants you will also be inspired to integrate them into your routine of nourishment throughout your pregnancy, though you may find other reasons more compelling for your particular situation. 

And, best of all, I can tell you from personal experience that they are all herbs that are safe for pregnancy, so you can fully enjoy their benefits without fear!

So, now, how do I make this standard brew? 

Well, the basic recipe is one ounce of herb to one quart of boiled water. 

I put the herbs in a quart mason jar and pour boiling water over them.  (If you don’t have a scale to measure out your ounce of herbs, know that one-ounce is approximately one cup.  This is not an exact science, so I just take a large handful of each herb and put them in the jar.)

I put a lid on the jar and let it sit for at least four hours before drinking it.

I usually make mine in the morning while I’m making breakfast and then strain and drink it while I make dinner in the evening. (You can make it in the evening, and let it sit overnight as well.)

Make sure you use dried herbs to make your brew.  The drying process breaks down the cell wall and allows the water to extract the vitamins and minerals from the herbs. 

You can heat the tea before you drink it and add milk and honey if you like, or ice it and drink it cold.  If you don’t enjoy the taste you can even add it to pineapple or other juice so you can still enjoy the benefits without having to force it down. 

I love the taste of my standard brew just strained and at room temperature, and really miss it if I forget to make it one day.  Truly, I think of this practice as drinking my daily multi-vitamin.

I hope you enjoy this first secret to amazing health for you and your baby, and that you check back often to find more articles about herbs safe for pregnancy.

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