Avoid a Dangerous Infection with a Scabies Home Remedy

Use a home remedy for scabies to avoid the dangerous side effects of many medications used to treat the infection.

onionScabies can be a frustrating and sometimes serious ailment caused by a parasitic infection on the skin. Scabies causes intense itching, peeling and blistering of skin and development of a secondary infection which may become more serious. Quickly treat the infection with a scabies home remedy using things you can find in your home instead of leaving it to develop into a more severe infection. You can use any of the methods shown below for making your own home remedy for scabies, and you'll soon be itch-free in no time.
Onions can be used to make a wonderfully effective scabies home remedy when used in combination with sea salt. You can purchase coarse sea salt at your supermarket. Simply cut some onions in half and scoop out their center. Fill this center with the coarse sea salt and put them in a bowl to dissolve. They will make a liquid which you can then directly apply to your scabies rashes. Use this 3-4 times a day until the rash disappears.
Tea Tree Oil
Probably the most efficient home remedy for scabies, tea tree oil can be purchased at major supermarkets and pharmacies and can clear up scabies in less than 2 weeks. Simply apply the oil directly to the rashes as often as possible to allow the tea tree oil to work with the scabies. You can also spray a small amount of tea tree oil into a bath tub filled with warm water and soak in this to relieve itching.
Petroleum Jelly with Sulfur
A more unconventional scabies home remedy, many people have reported positive results with the usage of petroleum jelly mixed in with a small amount of sulfur. Both the ingredients can be bought cheaply at most drugstores. All you need to do is mix one part of sulfur with nine parts of petroleum jelly. Apply this to the rashes as well as the rest of the body so that the mites cannot move to another place. Do this often to eventually kill the mites and get rid of the scabies. Avoid this remedy if you are allergic to sulfur.
Aloe Vera
Probably the most versatile plant known to man, aloe has several uses from healing burns to curing digestive ailments. You can even use it as a scabies home remedy! If you have an aloe plant at home, you can use freshly squeezed aloe gel to apply to the rashes which will quickly rid you of the intense itching. If you do not have access to an aloe plant, you can purchase pure aloe gel from most supermarkets and drugstores. Apply this gel to the rashes for the same effect.
Scabies is highly contagious and can be easily transmitted from person to person via something as simple as a handshake. When starting treatment using a scabies home remedy, wash all clothes you have worn for the last week, all linens, towels, etc. This will prevent the mites from returning or infecting someone else. Also get the other people in the house to wash their clothes just in case there might be mites present on them.