Become Pain-Free With Your Own Swimmer's Ear Remedy

Use a cheap and effective home remedy for swimmer's ear to prevent the infection progressing and getting more painful.

swimmers earSwimmer's ear is caused by excess water getting trapped in the ear canal and generally happens during the summer or the swimming season. It can also happen throughout the year so it is vital to always have an effective swimmer's ear remedy on hand to fight the infection before it becomes severe. Pick a home remedy for swimmer's ear from the list below to get rid of the pain and eliminate the infection as soon as you notice the first symptoms.

Rubbing Alcohol and White Vinegar
A well known swimmer's ear remedy is using alcohol and white vinegar. Apply a mixture of half white vinegar and half rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and apply. Use a cotton ball to rinse your ears. According to Dr. Emily Senay, a CBS medical correspondent, the vinegar can kill any bacteria lurking in the ear and the rubbing alcohol will dry out excess water. Use this at least 3 to 4 times a day. This method is enough to fight fungal and bacterial infections.

Olive Oil
Another great home remedy for swimmer's ear is olive oil. Simply warm a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, place it in the infected ear and cover with a cotton ball to prevent drainage.

Hot Compresses
Another swimmer's ear remedy involves holding a heating pad or warm cloth against the painful ear. The heat will help evaporate excess water and reduce pain in the ear.

Baby Oil
Place two to three drops of baby oil into the ears prior to entering the swimming pool. According to The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies, this is an excellent home remedy for swimmer's ear as it prevents water from remaining in the ear canal.

Garlic Oil
Garlic oil is very effective in reducing inflammation and you can easily make it fresh in your own kitchen. Peel a clove of garlic and warm it in mustard oil until the garlic turns black. It should then be strained. To reduce the inflammation in your ear, place two to three drops of garlic oil into the ear canal. This can also aid in healing and boost immunity.

Onion Juice
Another effective swimmer's ear remedy is the usage of onion juice. Cut an onion in half and warm it up. Have the person with the infected ear lie down. Squeeze the warm onion juice in to that ear. Four drops is enough for this home remedy for swimmer's ear. The juice has immediate effects and once the swimmer sits up the juice will automatically drain out along with any excess water.

Tea Tree Oil
Treat swimmer's ear with tea tree oil, easily available at drugstores and health food stores. Tea tree oil has gentle antibiotic properties and it is recommended for both earache and swimmer's ear. Apply one drop to the infected ear twice daily until the infection disappears. This swimmer's ear remedy works by drying out the infected area and killing harmful bacteria.

Basil relieves the discomfort of swimmer's ear and also has antibiotic effects. Make fresh basil juice by washing and crushing some fresh basil leaves. Put two drops of the fresh basil juice inside the ear. This should relieve the pain and infection quickly.