Teething remedy

Teething remedy from a mom with experience...

by Kimberly Gallagher

“Wow, she has a lot of teeth!” 

I hear that all the time now when people meet my one year old, Hailey Wren. 

Like my son, Rowan, she is getting her teeth early.  She has eight already, and got her first tooth when she was just five months old. 

Teething, for Hailey has not been nearly the ordeal it was for Rowan, and still I find it challenging to parent while she is cutting teeth. 

Children can react very differently to teething pain.  For Hailey, she just has a day where she is a bit more fussy than usual.  She is easy to upset, and somewhat cranky.  When Rowan was cutting a tooth, he would sometimes cry and cry at the top of his lungs for hours, despite all attempts to sooth the pain. 

Probably they are at opposite ends of a spectrum, so just know as you dance with your child through their teething experience that there is a broad range of what’s normal for a child to experience.

So, what are my favorite remedies for teething?  Well my favorite herb to help children through this time is chamomile. 

Chamomilla homeopathic as a teething remedy can work miracles! 

Two tablets of 6X strength have helped Hailey calm down and enjoy a couple of hours of relief from her discomfort.  When she wakes up she is much calmer and happier. 

You can get homeopathic remedies at many main stream pharmacies these days in addition to your local co-op or health food store.

chamomile teething remedyChamomile tea is also wonderful, especially when frozen into popsicle form. The cold soothes the gums as the chamomile calms the child. 

I have also soaked a clean cloth in chamomile tea and then frozen the cloth for my kids to chew on when they are having teething trouble.  Hailey loves those frozen chamomile cloths.

For best results, make the chamomile tea pretty strong.  Boil the water and pour it over the chamomile.  Use one half an ounce of herb to a quart of water and let it steep for half and hour to an hour.

You can also get chamomile tea bags at your local market.

A necklace teething remedy?

One of the more interesting teething remedies I’ve heard about is making a necklace for the child from the bark of an elder tree.  Some of my friends had great success with this way of relieving teething pain with this teething remedy, though it did not seem to have any effect for Rowan.  All children are different, so I encourage you to experiment until you find the remedy that is right for your child.

Other teething remedies

There are also some great teething gels on the market to help reduce the pain. Just check your local co-op or health food store.

Love is the best teething remedy

Giving your child lots of love and attention is a great practice as well.  Sometimes just changing the scene, or introducing a new experience can help distract the baby from the teething pain. This is a great teething remedy.

I remember pulling Rowan back and forth across his lambskin and being rewarded with a smile after lots of tears.  Simply taking the child outside can also help break a cycle of pain.  Perhaps breathing the fresh air helps, or just all the new sites and smells.  I’m not really sure why it works, but it has worked for us.

Above all, I encourage you to remember that teething is a natural part of life, and the pain and discomfort that accompany it are part of the reality of being alive and human in our world. 

With your love, and some simple soothing remedies and techniques, your child will come through the experience just fine, and probably having gained some strength and self-confidence as well. This is the best teething remedy of all.