Stop That Spinning Feeling! Make Your Own Vertigo Home Remedy

Make your own home remedy for vertigo using commonly available products and stop suffering immediately.

vertigo, zest, lemonVertigo -- literally meaning a spinning movement-- is a medical condition commonly experienced around the world. When a person experiences vertigo, the feeling of spinning around even when one is stationary causes severe dizziness. There are several symptoms of vertigo that can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few days, causing severe discomfort to the sufferer. Symptoms may also include nausea and blurred vision, making vertigo a debilitating condition. The main problem with treating vertigo is that there are several varying causes, making it more difficult to pinpoint the cause and make an effective vertigo home remedy. Causes are as wide-ranging including infection in the ear (in the vestibular system), migraines, excessive alcohol consumption, eyesight problems, acute head injury, cardiac conditions, tumors, anemia, calcium disorders, etc. However, the best treatment is using a vertigo home remedy, instead of eating dozens of medicine, treating every symptom individually.

With so many different causes, it is sometimes easier to treat the symptoms only to get rid of the discomfort. There is not just one vertigo home remedy that you can put into practice; instead there are numerous home remedies for vertigo that you can apply to get rid of the discomfort immediately and also prevent the unpleasant sensation in the future.

Home Remedy 1
The first home remedy for vertigo is pretty easy to make and prolonged use can not only help you curb symptoms of vertigo initially but can also help reduce the severity of the condition. Combine 2 teaspoons of wheat, 1 teaspoon of poppy seeds, 8 almonds and 8 pumpkin seeds and grind the mixture to make a paste. Heat some butter in a pan, add 2 cloves to it and then add the paste to it and mix around for a minute. Add this to a glass of milk and drink every day. The ingredients for this remedy can be easily found in your supermarket in the spices section.

Home Remedy 2
Ginger has been shown to have an effect stopping major cases of vertigo if taken before they get into full swing. When you feel vertigo setting on, have some ginger tea or anything with large amounts of ginger in it. This will help the attack subside quickly. Make it a regular ingredient in your meals to prevent future attacks of vertigo. The easy availability of ginger makes this a great vertigo home remedy.

Other Ideas
There are several small lifestyle changes you can make to avoid vertigo attacks. Try some of the following and it can be just as effective as any medication or home remedy for vertigo.

  • Drink 2-3 glasses of ice cold water when you have a vertigo attack. Many people have reported that this works very quickly and effectively in controlling an attack.

  • Find out what triggers your vertigo attacks and avoid those triggers. For some people, it might be a combination of foods, caffeine or chocolates. If you are unsure, try cutting out these things from your diet and see if it has an effect on your vertigo.

  • Get adequate sleep and avoid sudden movements that might trigger your vertigo.

  • Add the peel or zest of citrus fruit to your smoothies, salads and other foods. The strong citrus scent is said to keep your senses alert and this method will also help you get vitamin C, the lack of which may cause vertigo.

In addition to using a vertigo home remedy to alleviate your suffering, find out what the cause of your vertigo is. It is vital to treat the underlying cause in order to prevent future vertigo attacks.