Yeast infection remedy

Cure your yeast infection naturally with this herbal yeast infection remedy...

by Kimberly Gallagher

If you’re like me, you would probably be excited to find a yeast infection remedy that really works.  I do get yeast infections occasionally and I dislike buying and using the over the counter medicines. 

I have learned how yeast infections feel in my body and can diagnose them easily and early on my own, and it feels great to be able to treat them immediately.

Symptoms of yeast infections include: a white, cheesy discharge that smells like yeast, itchiness or soreness in or around the vagina, discomfort during intercourse, a burning sensation when peeing, and possibly a rash.

So, what herbal or home yeast infection remedy can you use once you know you have one? 

Well, taking Echinacea tincture three times a day and/or drinking some astragulus tea will help by boosting your immune system.  Then, add some herbs with antifungal properties like calendula, thyme, golden seal, cinnamon and rosemary.

(NOTE: MAKE SURE you see the send of this article for my special update below about a recent infection I had...)

Yeast infection remedy options:

* A douche of teas or dilute tinctures of thyme, calendula, golden seal, chamomile, or myrrh once a day. (Don’t choose this one if your pregnant, since douching is not recommended during pregnancy.)

* A tincture of golden seal, calendula and thyme with oils of tea tree or thyme or both can be used as a lotion.

* Make a mixture of 20ml calendula tincture, 20ml thyme tincture, 10ml golden seal tincture, and 5 drops tea tree or thyme oil.  Use ½ tsp. diluted in enough water to soak a tampon.  Insert the tampon for one hour at night and in the morning until the symptoms clear.

Consider the cause of the infection which choosing your herbal home remedy for a yeast infection.  If you feel the infection was caused by stress, you can use herbs like skullcap, vervain or oats. 

Oatstraw infusions taken daily are an amazing nerve tonic.  For an infection brought on by a depleted body add dang gui or ginger. If your bowels are congested yellow dock, cleavers, poke root, or burdock may help.

I’ve also found that simple vinegar and water douches to be an effective yeast infection remedy. (You can buy your own reuseable douche bag at most well stocked drug stores.) can help change the PH of the vagina, making it inhospitable for yeast. 

Eating plain yogurt can help colinate the vagina with healthy bacteria that will fight the yeast. 

Also avoiding sugar in your diet during the infection is a good idea since yeast feed on sugar. 

Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes because they can create a warm, damp atmosphere where the yeast can thrive. 

Finally, sea salt added to your bath water can help eliminate the yeast.

While you’re waiting for your herbal yeast infection remedy to work, you may need relief from the itching that accompanies a yeast infection. 

Chamomile cream or chickweed ointment both work well for this purpose.

****Yeast infection remedy special update****

"What I JUST did to cure my yeast infection..."

Recently, I treated my own yeast infection in the following way.  Checking in with myself, I felt sure that the infection was brought on at least partially due to stress in my life. 

So, I made myself a daily, calming oatstraw infusion (one ounce of oatstraw in a quart of boiling water, steeped for at least four hours).  I added a bit of astragulus to the infusion as well, to help boost my immune system, and took a dropperful of Echinacea tincture three times a day for the same reason.

Then, I made myself a decoction of thyme, calendula flowers and chamomile flowers (a small handful of each in about 2 quarts of boiling water simmered for 20 minutes).  This I used as a douche two times a day.  I also douched with a vinegar and water solution once or twice a day.

I used chickweed oil topically to relieve the itching.

This yeast infection remedy was incredibly effective, and the yeast infection was completely cleared up within three days.

Enjoy your new found power to treat yourself gently and herbally!